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Christian World is a growing vibrant ministry that is always moving forward. 

We are always looking to add talented, faithful, and willing people to our ever expanding ministries.  Check over our list or "expansion room" ministries and see if God is leading you in that direction!  If you are interested, you can contact Pastors Jim or Janet Brannon where we can meet and get acquainted as we share the vision.  If you are looking for a church to expand your ministry while being faithful and supportive, we may be the place you are looking for!

Musicians... We sing joyfully with a variety of music types.  Some rock, some contemporary, and some traditional.  We rock to the sound of the Hammond C3, flow with the keyboard, and toss in a "mean" saxaphone to take it up a notch. We use visual DVD's and words on the big screen to enhance the worship experience.  Some musicians play totally by ear and some read music.  Note reading is not mandatory. We are looking for all kinds of strings, drummers for a rotational schedule, horns and brass.  Vocalists are added to our praise team as we witness an established Christian lifestyle, grounded in the Word, and an active part of this ministry.  We have periodical vocal try outs to establish range, pitch, and adaptability to our music program.  We enjoy a great blend and sound, but our goal is the anointing!  Performance is secondary to unity, true worship, the anointing, faithfulness, willingness, adaptability, and joy in service!  Everyone has time restraints and a "perfection" practice is not always possible.  We reach for a higher calling of the heart...worship that reaches the throne of God, and bids every person in the building into HIS presence!

Youth and Children Staff... Our youth and children Sunday programs are well organized while still allowing our oversight staff to input their own creativity and style.  We have an awesome youth center with all types of games available.  We break our Youth Church up into segments so the leadership load is spread out to a variety of people.  Our segments include "warm up" where the children/youth experience Bible based group games that get them interacting with other youth and learning in a fun way, held in the gym.  We then go to our Family Center Chapel where the children/youth have their own "worship experience" following exciting worship and dance DVD's on the big screen.  They then move to the youth center where they participate in a variety of activities including crafts, work sheets and hands on lesson applications, closing in a time of free play and fellowship!  After the youth sessions, we have time in the courtyard where the children enjoy a special activity that includes a choice of one of the following... candy rain, pop corn day, snow cones, ice cream cones, and more!  We are always looking for willing workers that want to take a "segment" of the youth program and make it THEIR ministry to the kids and families!  For the sake of security for our children, in order to work with minors you must complete a form that allows us a background check.  Please contact Pastors Jim and Janet Brannon if you are interested in this ministry.  We will take you through the steps, introduce you to the programs, and give you a chance to participate or decline as you feel led.

  September 2021  
Upcoming Events


Baptism Sunday
To participate send an e-mail to
Musician's & Praiser Practice
9:00 AM to 9:30 AM
Courtyard Cafe
9:40 AM to 9:55 AM
Morning Worship
10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
A wonderful time with the entire church worshiping the Lord and being encouraged by the morning message!
"Bread of Life" Food Ministry
11:45 AM to 12:15 PM
Food distribution after every Sunday following the morning worship service.


Prayer Team
10:00 AM to 10:45 AM
Weekly Prayer team meeting at 10am every Tuesday morning. Lynn Shackelfoot is the Prayer Team Director
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