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Contact us directly @ 925-455-5564


(January 1, 2019)

*2019-20 School Year

Monthly Rates
Full time students rates INCLUDES ... Breakfast, Lunch, AM & PM snacks)

Registration fee $125.00 per child

Toddlers: 18 months -- 3 yrs (Potty training)
Full Time only
5 Days      $1,120.00


Preschoolers: 2.5 yrs - 1st Grade Entry (Potty Trained)

Preschool / Daycare (6:30am-6pm)  
5 Days     $1,040.00
4 Days     $925.00 
(See Special notes below)
3 Days     $755.00  (See Special notes below)
2 Days     $560.00  (See Special notes below

School Day (9am-3pm) Includes AM Snack & Lunch
5 Days     $835.00
4 Days     $695.00  (See Special notes below)
3 Days     $600.00 
(See Special notes below)
2 Days     $455.00  (See Special notes below)

Preschool (9am-12pm) Includes AM Snack
5 Days     $640,00
4 Days     $530.00  (See Special notes below)

3 Days     $435.00  (See Special notes below)
2 Days     $350.00  (See Special notes below)

PLEASE NOTICE:  The times and days are based on space availability.

Four day schedules are based on availability and openings.

Three day schedules are:  Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. 

Two day schedules are:  Tuesday & Thursday. 

All payments are due, in advance, the first of each month.  Late fees can be applied after 5 days.

Children can be dismissed for non-compliance with payment schedule. 
Prices effective January 1, 2019


Meals and snacks are provided based on each child's daily schedule. 

Breakfast is served from 7:30am-8am and lunch is served at noon daily. 

The morning snack is served at 10am and the afternoon snack is served at 3:15pm.


A 10% discount is given for a second child.  A 15% scholarship is given for those who attend & support Christian World Church regularly.


Many schools charge on a “weekly” basis and our charges are “monthly,” so we are often asked our “weekly” rate so parents can “compare" our prices.  To compare a monthly rate vs a weekly rate … take the monthly rate times 12 (months) then divide by 52 (weeks)

EXAMPLE:  Our full time student rate is $1,030.00 per month.  Here is the equation, $1,030X 12= 12,360 / 52 = $237.69….
$233.07 would be the weekly rate
(for comparison purposes) 

To figure a weekly rate vs. a monthly rate ... take you weekly rate times 52 (weeks) then divide by 12 (months)… that is what you are paying monthly for your child care.

EXAMPLE:  If your rate is $250 per week, take 250.00 X 52=13,000 / 12= $1,033.00… $1,083.00 would be your monthly rate (for comparison purposes).


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